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Activities to Help Improve Their Mobility and Balance


The risk of limited mobility and mobility constraints can be higher in senior citizens due to their aging bodies or chronic conditions. Mobility constraints can increase the risk of falls and injury at home and decrease the overall quality of life for seniors aging at home. To help, we offer non-medical transportation in Western, Massachusetts to help seniors get around.

Seniors can also improve their mobility and balance with these activities:

  • Taking Regular Walks

    Walking is a great activity that promotes balance and coordination. It also improves strength in their lower joints and muscles. Other benefits of taking regular walks include boosting cardiovascular health. We offer companionship care in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, to help seniors with activities like walking.

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight

    Excess weight or obesity can place added strain on joints, muscles, and bones, leading to mobility and balance issues in seniors. Because of this, seniors should take steps to maintain a healthy weight at home. Our home care assistance in Needham, Massachusetts, can help seniors maintain a healthy weight through meal preparation and exercise assistance.

  • Strength Training

    Light-intensity strength training or low-impact resistance training can help seniors maintain strength in their muscles and joints. It will also decrease the rate at which they lose muscle. Stronger muscles, joints, and bones decrease the risk of mobility problems for seniors.

Our healthcare facility in Massachusetts offers a range of services to help seniors remain comfortable, happy, and independent at home. Call Heavenly Touch Staffing LLC at 866-794-9696 for more information.

Some of the services you can expect from us include Skilled Nursing, Private Duty Nursing, Companionship Care, and healthcare staffing solutions in Central, Massachusetts.

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