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Strategies to Help Seniors Maintain a Healthy Weight


Maintaining a healthy weight will help seniors aging at home preserve good health, independence, and comfort. It will also reduce the risk of health issues like high blood pressure, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease. Seniors can maintain a healthy weight at home with the help of live in services from a healthcare professional like a nurse or certified nurse assistant.

Other ways seniors can maintain a healthy weight at home include:

  • Follow Proper Portion Control

    The main cause of weight gain is absorbing more calories than you burn on a daily basis. Senior citizens can better manage their weight at home by eating the right portion sizes for their body size. We offer home care assistance in Needham, Massachusetts, to help seniors with meal preparation and portion control.

  • Consider Home Care Assistance

    Many care providers can help seniors with their non-medical at home, including regular exercise and meal preparation to help them maintain a proper weight.

  • Regular Exercise

    Inactivity is one of the most common causes of excess weight or obesity in aging adults. Through regular exercise, seniors can better maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of health issues.

Our healthcare facility in Massachusetts can help seniors improve their health by providing them access to qualified healthcare professionals. For more information, call Heavenly Touch Staffing LLC at 866-794-9696.

Services you could expect from us include live-in services, personal assistance, and healthcare staffing solutions in Central, Massachusetts.

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